Update Info

■ 01/30/2021

Fixed the pull-down menu for "From" order location

"Mama's Lab" was added in the "From" pull-down menu, because it has been missing.

■ 04/06/2020

Background image addition and changing

In response to the fact that Photo Mode is also included in the PS4 version, I have changed and added background images.

■ 04/01/2020

English version added

You can now switch between Japanese and English languages ​​from the switching menu at the top left of the screen.

■ 03/22/2020

Checklist feature added

By pressing the "CHECK" button on the right side of the menu box at the top of the screen and turning on the checklist mode, you can record and display the rank of the achieved request. (Be careful of the volume as a sound effect sounds.)

This is especially useful when aiming for a complete rank of "S (LoL (LEGEND of LEGEND))".

The number of achieved S (LoL) can be confirmed by the display above the "CHECK" button.

There is no distinction between the regular delivery and premium delivery record pages, and both are recorded on the same sheet.

* Since the recorded contents are recorded in the local storage of the browser, the recording cannot be taken over if the terminal or browser used is changed.

From/To swap feature added

If you press the arrow button next to the pull-down menu for refined search, you can swap the selection items of order place and delivery destination.

After completing a request to a certain delivery destination, when you receive the next request from that base, you can search the request list smoothly by pressing the exchange button.

Updated "Information" that can be displayed from button

Corrected and added about cookies, local storage, Google Analytics, and some other expressions.

URL was changed

URL of this site was changed.

〇 New URL:

〇 Old URL:

* Only Japanease lang.


Some layouts were modified and changed.

★ About

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Please refrain from inquiring the production company or its related persons about this site and its contents.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content on this site, but this is not a guarantee.

★ bout the features of this site

On this site, you can search for all 500 Standard Orders by order place and delivery destination.

This eliminates the need to clean up each location and search for requests if you want to be more intimate at specific locations.

I hope that this site will help you to fulfill your request efficiently.

In the initial display state (when the refined search is not performed), 100 items are displayed on one page of the list.

By swiping the list left or right or selecting the page number at the bottom of the list, you can switch pages and display the next 100 items.

If you turn on the check mode from the CHECK button, you can record and display the rank when the request is achieved.

The achieved S (LoL) can be confirmed by the display above the CHECK button.

★ About browser and display collapse

This site is optimized for Google Chrome.

Other browsers (FireFox, Edge, IE, Safari, etc.) may not be displayed properly.

★ About Nyaice Button (Like Button)

If you like this site, I'd be glad if you click the Nyaice button (like button).

You can tap this button repeatedly for 10 seconds after touching it, but after 10 seconds you will not be able to tap it temporarily, and you will be able to tap it again after 1 hour.

Cookies are stored in the browser for it's time management.

★ About Cookies

This site uses Google Analytics for site analysis.

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect the information needed to analyze a site without including personal information.

For more information about Google Analytics, see the official help below.

Analytics Help | Data Privacy and Security
★ About local storage

This site stores the following information in the browser's local storage. These items may be added in future enhancements.

・Check contents of checklist

・Number of visits (to optimize display content)

I hope this site is useful for "someone" around the world.



Standard Orders List 指名なし依頼一覧



Premium delivery

In this page, You can search for500 "Standard Orders"of PS4 software"DEATH STRANDING"

It is also possible to perform a refined search by selecting the order receiving location and delivery destination from the "From" and "To" pull-down menus. In this way, if you want to increase the intimacy of a specific location, but you do not know where to accept a requests, you can save time and effort in searching for the request.

In addition, by turning on "CHECK" mode from the menu on the upper right of the list, you can record the achieved request rank. As a result, when aiming for the completion of S(LEGEND of LEGEND), you can check which request has not yet been achieved at any place, so you can improve efficiency.